Why choose Adisham CE Primary School?

An engaging Curriculum that prepares children for the future

A modern approach to teaching and learning

Purposeful integration of technology

Devices for every child

A Child-centred, collaborative environment

A close knit community

We are a Church of England School

We are driven by our deep rooted Christian commitment to the children’s well-being and education. We want to develop a safe and exciting environment where all God’s children flourish through opportunities and collaboration in a nurturing environment to become lifelong learners.

A caring, supportive and responsive EYFS

A smooth transition from EYFS to KS1

We believe that expecting our 5-year-old children to settle down to formal lessons as soon as they move into Year 1 is wrong. We passionately believe that young children learn best through play and exploration and therefore follow a ‘Continuous Provision’ method to ensure that children experience a smooth transition into more formal teaching. This results in happier, more engaged children, who are able to develop a lifelong love of learning.

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Wrap-around care

An Inclusive School

A commitment to well-being

A smooth transition to reception

Memorable residential opportunities

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Part of a transformative Multi Academy Trust

Adisham CE Primary School is part of The Stour Academy Trust, a Multi Academy Trust of 8 Primary Schools across Kent.

The Stour Academy Trust has set out to transform schools to better prepare our young people for the 21st century.