Adisham Church Of England Primary School was inspected by Ofsted in July 2017 and graded as Outstanding in all areas.

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"A rich seam of spiritual, moral, social and cultural provision weaves through the curriculum and the daily life of the school. The four core Christian values of the school, friendship, compassion, trust and truth, are part of every day for pupils. "

"Expectations across the school are high. Work in the books of even the youngest pupils shows neat presentation and meticulous attention to detail. Pupils are rightly proud of their work."

"Parents trust staff to look after their children. All the parents who completed the Ofsted questionnaire, Parent View, felt that their children were happy and well cared for. Comments made acknowledge that the school ‘goes the extra mile’ to look after pupils and that this results in high levels of well-being. One comment, typical of those received, was, ‘My child goes in and out of school beaming.’"

"The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils are polite and respectful in and around school. They know the importance of the school’s values of friendship, compassion,trust and truth. They reflect on ways that they exemplify these values by helping their friends and getting along well together."

"Outstanding teaching and a range of exciting activities, both inside and out, ensure that children get off to a flying start in the early years."

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