We have 3 main ways of communicating with our parents and the local community.

Weduc is our communication app for all parents with children at the school. 

It is our primary method of communication.

We use weduc to:

  • Send and receive messages (which parents receive as app notifications)
  • Share letters and newsletters
  • Share key dates on our calendar
  • Share what’s been going on at the school in our newsfeed
  • Share useful links in ‘The Hub’

Essential for:

Day to day communication from the school. 

Our website is for current parents, prospective parents and the local community to find out more information about our school.

Our website contains:

  • Our statutory information
  • Key Dates
  • Staff list
  • Curriculum information
  • Our policies
  • Social feed

Useful for:

Finding out more information about the school.

Our facebook page is for current parents, prospective parents and the local community to find out what’s been going on at our school.

Our facebook page is used to celebrate our school, not to communicate important messages.

Useful for:

Finding out what has been going on at the school.

We of course also communicate by telephone and email when needed, you can:

Call us on 01304 840246

Email us at adisham@stouracademytrust.org.uk

We also still send home physical letters when appropriate.

In addition to the above:

We send out a ‘Key Dates’ document at the beginning of every Term by weduc/email.

We send out Class Newsletters at the beginning of every Term to give parents a view of what their child’s class will be learning that term. These are sent to parents by weduc/email.

A senior member of staff will always be on the gate in the mornings to welcome children and parents into the school.

If you have a problem and would like to speak to a member of staff you it is suggested that you initially speak to your child’s class teacher prior to the Assistant/Deputy Headteacher then Headteacher. Any meetings will have to be made by appointment with at least 24 hours notice. You can book by calling, emailing or sending a Weduc message to the school. The Office Manager will then be able to book a time to speak to the correct member of staff as soon as possible.

This is not the only method we communicate with parents and carers and it is not the only way they can communicate with us. There are termly academic reports, drop-in sessions and parent consultation meetings where you can speak to the staff in the school.

Remember – if you have any concerns, problems or feedback for us please speak to us – tell us, not Facebook.

Using Weduc

We use our digital communication app weduc as the primary way of communicating with our parents. It allows parents to receive messages from the school and have access to our school social newsfeed, calendar, and notice board. Parents can also message the school from their app.

You can log in to Weduc in two ways:

  • (Recommended) Download the app onto your smart phone or tablet. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Log in via the Weduc website/portal below:

To register to use the app, please ask the school office for your unique enrolment code if you have not received one.

Read a guide on how to register here.