The Parable of the Mustard Seed

We have likened ourselves to this parable, how when the children start school they are small, like a grain of mustard seed, yet under the blanket of a good Christian upbringing, the children grow and flourish into the great achievers that they become.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field; which indeed is smaller than all seeds. But when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches.”

Our Christian Vision

Every member of the Adisham CE Primary community is nurtured and enabled to flourish emotionally, spiritually and academically through our enriching curriculum. We are committed to ensuring our children are treated with the compassion and respect they deserve. As children of God, each child is as individual as a mustard seed and they are encouraged grow to their full potential and to live life in all its fullness.

From little seeds great and wonderful things grow and flourish.

Christian Values

Although there are many Christian Values we have chosen four which we have placed a strong emphasis on to help create and sustain the Christian ethos of our school.  These values are Respect, Truth, Compassion and Friendship. The pupils learn to link these values to the parables of Jesus.


Adisham Church of England Primary School is a Good Church school. This was the finding under the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS). Our school was inspected in November 2019.

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Holy Innocents

Our local Church is Holy Innocents in Adisham. We visit frequently and you will often find Revd Stefan Thomas delivering our collective worship!

Click on the following link to find out more information about Churches in and surrounding Adisham. 

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Religious Educaiton

At Adisham, we follow the schemes of work for Church schools in the Diocese of Canterbury.  You can find an overview of the scheme of work for all years below.

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Collective Worship

At Adisham we celebrate our Christian faith with acts of worship on a daily basis. 

Each day our pupils lead Collective Worship by lighting the candle and saying a prayer.