Miss O'Connell's ode to Year 6!


Every cloud has a Silver lining

 She said they’d drive me potty, said they’d drive me up the wall,

She said they’d make me grin, said I’d have a ball,

She said I’ll cry with laughter and gasp at the things they know

But what Mrs Jobe didn’t tell me was…how sad I’ll be when they go…

This year’s been eventful, no time to stop, sit back and relax

Josh would you be quiet, you have to learn the facts!

It began with a trip to the Beany museum, then bike-ability

Then there was swimming, Young voices, we perfected the Ukulele!

Book day came and went, dress up time, no need to wear uniform,

Your costumes looked amazing - you all went down a storm.

Dissecting Viking poo caused a stir – it let off such a vapour,

Then we had fun on Viking day - Joe you’re in the paper!

Broken, bruised and battered, Swattenden left me in a mess,

But for you, you energetic bunch, a great SATs de…stress!

And now you’ll move on, soon you’ll be teens, get a job, maybe a degree

So that got me wondering, after school, what are you gonna be…

Macy, you’ll be a TV presenter

Smiling, funny, a wonderful friend

Hannah, your caring ways make you a nurse, a doctor,

Helping people mend,

Ellie, a weather presenter,

With a sunny outlook all year round

And Isabella, a journalist,

No injustice, the truth will be found!

Charlie loves the outdoors,

The next Bear Grylls he will be.

Josh, no doubt he’ll be a stunt man,

Throwing himself around, work in movies.

Nell will work in the zoo,

Caring for Penguins, helping them grow.

Bow will be a silver screen diva,

Sensation – her new popular TV show,

Kaeden will be a sports mad PE teacher,

Sharing his sport expertise.

A laboratory awaits for our Scientist Joe,

Curing the world – free from disease.

Oliver is going to be an outspoken politician,

Helping the world live peacefully.

Sophie is going to sing, dance and act,

To star in the west end or on the big screen.

Ellis will own his own restaurant,

Michelin stars, the finest cuisine.

Rosie will open her own dog shelter,

Care for cute puppies, take them on walks,

Touring the world, our cricketer Oscar,

Winning test matches and popping those corks,

Felicity will write stories for work,

will make you want to read more, will be known everywhere

Blake will be a Youtube blogger,

Friends with KSI – the next millionaire.

And so there you are, you’re all going to big school,

Hard-work awaits but I know you can do it,

So when you grow up and you’re rich and successful,

And across the road you see this old lady – old and grey,

Help her cross and say hello,

Because that’ll make my day.