Adisham Church of England Primary School is a good Church school and was awarded outstanding in its Christian distinctiveness. This was the finding under the Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools. Our school was inspected in November 2014.Dove

SIAMS Report

Religious Education

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Christian Mission Statement

We want to develop rounded people,with the ability to see others' points of view and to accept diversity and difference.

We want to encourage Christian Values and strive to demonstrate these in our everyday lives.

We will take tiny acorns, and from them, mighty oaks will grow.

Christian Values

Although there are many Christian Values we have chosen four which we have placed a strong emphasis on to help create and sustain the Christian ethos of our school.  These values are Respect, Truth, Compassion and Friendship.

Our pupils were asked to compose a new School Prayer that included these values.  The chosen prayer was written by Oscar Hansell Crane.

Dear God,
Respect should be earned as well as shown,
Friendships can be broken as well as grown,
The truth, it is said, can set you free,
Compassion means that you can think of me.

Holy Innocents, Adisham

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Church Visits

Look below to see our visits to the Church.

Dolphins class went to use their senses to describe what they could see, hear and feel in the church and also to find Christian symbols, specifically the cross.  The first picture shows a cross high up and the next picture shows the class laying in the middle of the floor finding out that the Church was built in the shape of a cross!



“In the same way, you should be a light for other people. Live so that they will see the good things you do and will praise your Father in heaven.

Our Year 6 children have received Buddy training from Canterbury Christian Schools Work Trust. This training is based on our Christian values of friendship, respect, truth and compassion.

They have been trained on how to deal with problems during unstructured playtimes -Am I following our values - Am I respecting people, being truthful, acting compassionately and being a good friend?

They will be responsible for:

  • Looking after the new entrants in Snowdrop Class
  • Ensuring that the Christian values of the school are embedded in the way children interact with others from their class as well as different year groups and thus making playtime a safe, secure and happy part of the school day.
  • They will praise individual children who demonstrate our Christian values during playtime. The child’s name will be written in the “Buddy Book” with the Christian value they have demonstrated. During Celebration assembly at the end of the week Christian value stickers will be handed out.
  • At the end of each term the buddies will hand out the 4 Christian trophies to the individual children that have applied the values consistently over the term. 




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